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To ensure each area of our business is both efficient and providing the necessary quality, our departments have been divided into individual layers thus allowing them to cater to specific markets.

Sea King offers its domestic market a wide variety of seafood products, both fresh and frozen. In terms of exports, our predominantly comprised of sea water and freshwater seafood products, including whole, gutted and cleaned fish, and select fillets and slices. There is also an extensive selection of shrimps, clams and shells. Sea King is very proud of itsreputation as a provider of Indian Mackerel, Squid, Blue Swimming Crab, 3 Spot Crab, Loligo Squid and Topshell.

Not contented with already being ahead of the curve when it comes to seafood processing and packaging, Sea King aims to keep pushing forward and raise the bar on current scientific standards within the industry. The processing of seafood is a highly technical and labor intensive procedure, and that is why our processing plant is outfitted with the latest machines and a motivated and experienced workforce. From beginning to end, from the catch the final procedure, our entire process is under constant supervision thereby ensuring the highest hygiene and safety standards are being met as part of SOP.

Upon reaching our processing plant, the catch is immediately transferred to our quality control department, where, upon arrival, it is subjected to inspection, washing, cutting, grading and then frozen at -40C. When finished, our products are stored at a solid -18C in our state-of-the-art facility.

About Us

Import / Export

Sea King Foods is truly a global endeavour, and no distance is too far to ensure we get the highest quality catch. Currently, we import from a vast number of countries including Pakistan, India, China, Japan, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Peru, Chile, Norway and Iran.

We truly have no limits on our ability to export our products, but our main export clients are mostly based in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, China, Taiwan, Japan, Bahrain, Kuwait and Iraq.

As you can see, we have a well-established global network that allows for the quick delivery of our catch to our processing plant, and also the means to delivery effectively to anywhere in the world.

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